Friday, May 6, 2011

Stat Line of the Day: May 6th

D. Price (TB): 8.2 IP, 4 H, 1 R (0 ER), 0 BBs 10 Ks vs. Blue Jays
Another dominant performance from the Rays' young ace, who came one out away from a complete game, and one error away from a shutout. In fact, had second baseman Sean Rodriguez been able to make a routine throw to first base on a leadoff ground ball, Price would have notched the complete game shutout with a 1-2-3 inning. Though he was pulled after allowing a(n unearned) run in the ninth inning, Price was dominant all night in Tampa. He began the night by striking out the side in the first inning, en route to 10 strike outs without a single walk. Price also allowed only four hits, none of them for more than a single. Except when Mike McCoy stole second with two outs in the top of the 3rd inning, the Blue Jays did not get a runner into scoring position against Price until the 9th--when a throwing error turned an easy out into a runner on second. Such a dominating start must be a relief to Rays fans, as Price bounced back from a terrible start last time out. Against the Angels last Friday, he gave up five earned runs on 12 hits in 4.1 IP.  Last night, though, David Price bounced back, lowered his season ERA to 3.29, and carried his team to victory.

Honorable Mentions (Awful Pitching Division)

C. Tillman (BAL): 3.2 IP, 10 H, 8 R (8 ER), 1 BB, 3 Ks, gamescore of 11 vs. Royals
In failing to get out of the fourth inning, Chris Tillman really did a number on his ERA. He entered the game with a less-than-respectable 5.25 ERA in five starts. After yesterday's debacle, though, Tillman has a 7.16 ERA. In his short outing against the Royals, Tillman's WHIP was 3.00, and his ERA came to 19.64, not such lovely numbers for an Orioles staff that started off the season so well. Even more alarmingly, this is not the first time this year that Tillman had a complete meltdown. In his third start of the season, Tillman could not get through the second inning, as he allowed six runs on nine hits.  This kid had gotta get straightened out for the O's.

J. Lackey (BOS): 4.0 IP, 10 H, 8 R, 8 ER, 3 BB, 1 K, gamescore of 8 vs. Angels
Could John Lackey have been any worse for the Red Sox last night? After getting through the first two innings unscathed, he just imploded. And the scary thing for Sox fans is that its not like lackey just had one horrific inning--the type of thing that could be an outlier that has no bearing on his future performance. Lackey had three bad innings, giving up three earned runs in the third and fourth innings, and being credited for two more in the fifth before being mercifully pulled. His game WHIP was 2.75 and his game ERA was a lovely 18. I guess he couldn't have been much worse.

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