Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NBA Playoffs Second Round: Night Nine

Eastern Conference

Atlanta Hawks (5) @ Chicago Bulls (1)
5/2: Game One--Hawks 103, BULLS 95 (1-0, Atlanta)
5/4: Game Two--BULLS 86, Hawks 73 (1-1, Tie)
5/6: Game Three--Bulls 99, HAWKS 82 (2-1, Chicago)
5/8: Game Four--HAWKS 100, Bulls 88 (2-2, Tie)
5/10: Game Five-- BULLS 95, Hawks 83 (3-2, Chicago)
Spoiler Alert: he misses.
Despite an 11-point Chicago advantage after the first quarter, the Hawks crawled back into Game Five last night and cut the Bulls lead to two points heading into the fourth quarter.  That final period was never really close, though, as there was too much Derrick Rose for the Hawks to handle.  He hit outside shots, he hit inside shots, and he drove to the basket.  All in all, D-Rose scored 11 of his game-high 33 points in the fourth, as the Bulls won this game going away. Chicago was helped out by some horific outside shooting on the part of the Hawks. They went 1-12 (8.3%) from downtown, including 1-9 from Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford. Those guys were first and second on the team in three-pointers made during the regular season (if you exclude the departed Mike Bibby), but they couldn't hit the backside of a barn from behind the arc last night.  Though Johnson managed to have a serviceable game for himself (15 points, 40% shooting), Crawford stunk it up in Game Five.  He went 1-9 from the field, didn't get to the free throw line once (despite attempting 4.7 per game in the post season before last night), and ended up with only two points.  Crawford's 17.7 points per game in the playoffs this season had been a huge boost to the Hawks--including a game-winner against the Magic.  However, he kept throwing up bricks last night, and the Bulls took the surprisingly easy win.

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