Thursday, March 3, 2011

What Should I Expect?

I know both people reading this right now might be asking themselves this question, and I have nothing better to do this evening than a little research I'm conducting on the side, so I figured I'll write about this blog a little bit more.

First of all: yes, I'm from Philadelphia, so yes this blog will have a fairly heavy Philadelphia slant. That's not to say I support Philadelphia teams with such a bias I don't think rationally, but it means that a lot of the statistics I'm going to be interested in are going to at least start with the teams I'm interested in. If something major happens in national sports, then you can expect I'll be on top of it...or at least somewhere in the vicinity of it. 

Second of all: do I have any projects planned? As a matter of fact, I do. As a baseball fan, and a somewhat fanatical one, I'm slightly interested in the starting rotation the Phillies have going for them this summer, and I plan to keep everybody informed of just how well (or, fingers crossed, poorly they do). I also write for a website called Stadium Journey, a fascinating site for a few reasons, not the least of which is the vast amount of statistical data that lies in the ratings various stadiums get. It's a new site, and new reviews are still constantly be added, but definitely keep an eye out for some Stadium Journey-related material. Finally, I did an interesting project for a class on Journalism Research at Temple University about the history of sports in certain cities, and I'll start posting that on here shortly.

A little about me: at least, as a sports fan, I'm a big fan of rankings and lists. Don't ask why, I just enjoy putting things in some sort of order, so expect a lot of comparative and list-driven content. I think it sparks a good amount of discussion, and it's always interesting to come up with different comparative methods. I don't have a math degree, just a deep understanding of sports and statistics, and what I like to think is a slightly different look at what stats matter in any given situation. I'm also a big rock n' roll fan, so expect plenty of musical references throughout, especially to 70s' era rock and 90s' rock.

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