Friday, March 4, 2011

The Countdown, Please...

Here's Part 2 of the list of best city/decade in which to be a sports fan.

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There was, however, one thing left on the data sheet that hadn’t been accounted for—winning percentage in the regular season. Now, this one presented a problem for me: winning percentage was obviously important on some level, but then again…who cared if the teams barely went .500 but somehow made the playoffs and won the championships ever year? I decided, though, to set Boston’s 1967s standard of winning 60% of their games and setting that to 1, then taking the ratio of other city/decade’s winning percentage and dividing by .600 to find their factor.
            I then multiplied the winning percentage factor by the scores above and got our final, mostly-objective top 10 (plus a few that just missed out, and a few of this decade’s scores):

-Atlanta, 2000s: 19.674
-Phoenix, 2000s: 80.514
-Dallas, 2000s: 93.177
-New York, 2000s: 110.656
-Philadelphia, 2000s: 143.773
-Los Angeles, 2000s: 175.175

14) Los Angeles, 1980s (Score: 183.94)
13) Chicago, 1990s (Score: 193.28)
12) Philadelphia, 1980s (Score: 195.93)
11) New York, 1940s (Score: 198.81)

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10) Boston, 1970s (Score: 215.25)—6 MVPs/3 Titles/7 Finals/20 Playoffs/60.0 W%
            To give you an idea how tough a list this was, the 10th spot on our list goes to the decade with the highest winning percentage. That’s right, these Boston teams won a staggering 60% of their games for the entire decade, helped along by the Bruins’ .720 clip and the Celtics taking 62% of their matches. On the ice, Bobby Orr (right) won half the city’s MVP awards by himself, leading the Bruins to a title. The problem for Boston in the 70s was lack of championships-- as good as their teams were, they only made the playoffs in half their possible seasons and didn’t make many finals at all. Great to be here during the regular season, but playoff success was another story.

The Countdown Continues Here: #9

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